An unfortunate update

BREAKING NEWS: due to a terribly sad/inconvenient development, after completing the first third of the trip, we are no longer allowed to call ourselves the big old walk. I’m sure you’re aware of my ongoing foot trouble; with a broken toe in the right foot and strained tendons in the left its now pretty impossible to walk. For this reason we have switched to bikes for the remaining distance. I hope nobody feels cheated by this, and that you realize cycling 2000miles will take a lot of time, energy and willpower.
If you’re still interested, please keep following us on our journey.


3 thoughts on “An unfortunate update

  1. We’re with you all the way, Kieran! (&Jack too of course). Still doing an amazing feat(?!!!!!); still so proud of you. Continue to be the adventurous, wonderful duo you are…..

  2. Kieran & Jack: WOW! As you know I did bicycle across the U.S. (1986, kinda not long after they invented bicycles). I know how much effort it takes & you have my (our) total respect and continued support. Did you have to get rid of a lot of stuff? Good Luck, John (Clarion) Miller

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